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Nigel HollandIt’s taken sometime to get this far with my website. I design websites for a living and could never find the time to get mine sorted. Still a few more bits to sort out but I’m almost there.

This site will be used to display my photography work and also my rambling thoughts whether they are observations, a rant or just a comment on what’s happening in the world.

The first gallery that I have uploaded is from my several years of working at Santa Pod Raceway as a press photographer. These drag racing photos  were on display earlier this year in an exhibition so if you didn’t get to see them there have a look here!

View Gallery  If you’d like any of the photos then please contact me for details.

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10 Things that bug me when using my wheelchair.

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No good with beer, let's try cider!

No good with beer, let’s try cider!

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Please don't grin at me, just keep rolling!

Please don’t grin at me, just keep rolling!

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Wasted Opportunity Mr Boris Johnson

Wasted Opportunity Mr Boris Johnson

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We don't need permission!

We don’t need permission!

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