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All I need now are the apples. The first time I decided to make beer was before I got married and it was a disaster. I thought it was easy, three or four simple steps, wait a month and Bob’s your uncle, free beer! But oh how wrong I was. The problem was I just didn’t have the knack, the insight to beer making. That underpinning knowledge and skill needed to make beer, not good beer, just beer. If I could make good beer the first time round then I would have opened a brewery. No, I was happy if I could just make beer. But all I made was a complete mess, literally. I also damaged my hifi, ruined the carpet and killed my cassette player. From that last sentence I’m sure you can work out roughly how long ago this was. Continue reading

When you own a classic motorcar or are a member of a car or bike club there is a tendency for drivers to wave at each other. I’ve done it when driving my MX5, waved to another MX5 owner whilst driving on the other side of the road. We do it because we’re saying we appreciate the car we’re driving, we love the way it drives, the looks it gets. A wave between car drivers is perfectly ok. Continue reading