The 50 List

This was a treat for me. To ride in the twin seater dragster at Santa Pod Raceway during 2012. Piloted by Steve Warner, this car accelerates to 100 mph within 3 seconds! This was a great experience, indoor skydiving. The guys in the background on their knees were a BBC film crew filming me for the One Show, to be shown later that day. I have always been a speed freak on land and water. I had always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon. Being a wheelchair user there’s not a lot of baskets in this country that are wheelchair accessible. Exclusive Ballooning though had just received this new envelope and basket and I was the flight test monkey! I have always liked flying stunt kites but hadn’t flown an aerofoil kite before. It has a 3 meter span and pulled like a train! Scuba diving in Italy was such a great experience. The water was so warm!