About Me

Me and my race car
Me and my race car

I am in my 50s now, having turned that magic number back in December 2012. I am married to Lisa and we have three great children and a dog called Berry. We live in Wellingborough and have done since we moved up from London in 1999. I run my own business, Mantisweb Ltd, and I have done since being made redundant at the end of 2011.

I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie and have been involved in a lot of crazy activities. I have been water skiing, gliding, 4×4 off road competitions, abseiling, raced go-carts and up until the end of 2010 I was competing in the National Drag Racing Championships.

In the eighties I played drums in a band called ‘This Temple Eden’. There’s more information about the band thanks to Darren Hill’s great memory!

I am also a keen photographer and was for several years a press photographer at Santa Pod Raceway, covering the FIA National Drag Racing Championships for various magazines and local newspapers.

I’m currently preparing for a new project happening next September. Take a look. www.tracktotrack.co.uk