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This was a film made by Tom Newman about me and my drag racing.

Nigel has Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT), a condition that affects the peripheral nerves causing motor problems and muscle wastage. It’s hereditary, very rare and he’s had it all his life. But Nigel is not one to let anything hold him back. Inside his garage, next to the people carrier, is a ’98 Ford Mustang fitted with a Nitrous Oxide supercharger. On summer weekends Nigel drives the Mustang to Santa Pod to go drag racing, and he’s very good at it. In the 2008 Summer Nationals he won second place in his class.

Nigel describes himself not as disabled, but a driver with a disability. He’s exactly the same as any other drag racer, they all share the same ethos and this is: ‘Why not? You only live once.’ Because of his cheerful, positive attitude, Nigel is a much loved and respected figure in the sport. It’s hardly surprising his team is called Aveago Racing.
But the pressure of Nigel’s disability is something he struggles to escape. This film explores this pressure; on Nigel’s family, drag racing and on his faith. This is a film about escape, as well as the quintessentially British world of UK drag racing. It’s a world of American muscle cars, daredevil motorcyclists, tinkering, tea, tents and foot-long hotdogs.

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