CNC Machine V1

Back in the Summer of 2020, whilst we were all in lockdown due to Covid19, I treated myself to a Reality Ender 5, a 3D printer. Since owning this marvelous machine I have made all sorts of things. I have also purchased a 3018 CNC machine to do some simple engravings. It’s not big and it’s not that powerful so I decided to design my own. Most of the hardware can be sourced online and is not that expensive.

At the moment there are eight or so printed parts as I have yet to design the carriage that will hold the Z-axis stepper motor and spindle. Only today did I finish designing the Ant Backlash container.

I will be continuing to design this CNC machine and would appreciate comments and thoughts. All STL files will be available for you to download so you can build along with me. 



Most, if not all, of the parts, can be sourced from Amazon, Aliexpress, Bangood, and many other places.  The main structure is made from 3 x 20×60 aluminum extrusion. Currently, I’m using Pully wheels for the movement but will be redesigning the CNC with linear bearings which I believe will give it more rigidity and help when working with harder materials.

The brains of the CNC will be provided by an Arduino Uno with a CNC shield and 3 stepper motor drivers. The stepper motors will be Nema 17. Eventually, I’d like to upgrade to much more powerful Nema 32 stepper motors.

To the right is a very good deal I found on AliExpress. This kit contains;

  • 3 Stepper motors with cables
  • 6 Limit Switches
  • 1 Uno Arduino Board
  • 1 CNC Shield
  • 5 Stepper Motor Drivers
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 6 Limit Switch Cables

You’ll also need the following;

  • 60 x M5 Socket Head 12mm 
  • 60 x T-Nuts
  • 11 x M5 Socket Head 20mm
  • 16 x Wood screws to fix to the base
  • 3 x 60×20 Extruded Aluminium 500mm
  • 3 x Nema 17 Stepper Motors
  • 3 x 8mm Lead Screws 500mm 2mm pitch
  • 1 x Uno or Nano Arduino Board
  • 1 x CNC Shield
  • 3 x stepper motor drivers
  • 3 x Anti Backlash Sprint Loaded Nut
  • 4 x 5mm to 8mm Shaft Couplings
  • 12 x CNC Pully Wheels
  • 3 x 608 Bearings

Printed Parts

Although the design isn’t finished as yet here is the latest set of STL files should you want to take a look. Comments welcome.

Print setting are;

  • 50% Infill
  • 3 layers top and bottom
  • PLA (I used eSun PLA+)
  • Bed Temp – 50°
  • Extrude Temp – 210°

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