Please don’t grin at me, just keep rolling!

When you own a classic motorcar or are a member of a car or bike club there is a tendency for drivers to wave at each other. I’ve done it when driving my MX5, waved to another MX5 owner whilst driving on the other side of the road. We do it because we’re saying we appreciate the car we’re driving, we love the way it drives, the looks it gets. A wave between car drivers is perfectly ok.
When it’s not ok, for me, is when I’m pushing my wheelchair around town and I get another wheelchair coming towards me and the occupier of that wheelchair performs an equivalent act to waving and grins or nods at me! WheelchairDon’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against other wheelchair users, what so ever. However, I’m not into wheelchair bonding! I’m not talking about a get together of a group of wheelchair users to discuss tyre types, casters and seat fabrics. No. I’m talking about the necessity of some wheelchair users to grin at me. A grin that says ‘we have to stick together’, ‘look at us we’re on wheels’. Do you ever see bipeds wave, grin or wink at each other because they’re a member of an exclusive but very large club of walkers?

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